Microsoft is trying to improve its Windows version for better user experience by adding new features, update to installed software like Cortana to improve the reliability, Security patches for Windows defender for better protection of your device, and update for Windows. These updates help you to protect your system from malware, virus, privacy threats and enhance your Windows experience.

If you don’t update your Windows automatically then you should update your system manual from Windows update. Let’s see how to get the latest updates for Windows.

Step 1. Click on windows icon o the screen and type Check for Update. It will appear in search result.

Update Windows 10 ManuallyStep 2. Click on Check for Update. It will open Windows Update Setting.

Step 3. Now Click on Check for Update button to check for updates for Windows.

Update Windows 10 Manually

Step 4. If there is any update available for your Windows it will show you Updates are available. If Windows is up to date it will show you, Your device is up to date.

Update Windows 10 Manually

If you want to see what are the update already installed on your device click on the Update history. It will show you all the update installed.