How To Install Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 10

Full release of Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional editions allows you to install Remote Server Administration Tools i.e. RSAT. Windows 10 RSAT enable you to deal Windows Servers from your Windows 10.

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To install RSAT for Windows 10 follow the Steps

Step 1. Open your browser in Windows 10 and go to official Download page of RSAT for Windows 10

How to Install Microsoft RSAT Windows 10

Step 2. When the page loaded. Select the language for Download and click on Download button. It shows you the version of Windows 10 RSAT tools for 64 & 32-bit operating system, select as per your windows version and clicks Next. It will start the download Windows 10 RSAT package.

How to Install Microsoft RSAT Windows 10

Step 3. Once RSAT for Windows 10 is downloaded, run the installer. It will prompt Windows Update Standalone Installer and ask you for permission to install the update for Windows (KB2693643).

How to Install Microsoft RSAT Windows 10

Step 4. Click on Yes. It will open Download and Install Updates and show you the Read these license terms for Microsoft RSAT Windows 10.

How to Install Microsoft RSAT Windows 10

Step 5. Click I Accept. Installation will take few minutes and its done.

Important: This installation will enable Remote Server Administration Tools in Turn Windows features on or off automatically. You don’t need to manually enable RSAT separately.

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