Turn Windows Feature on or off of Windows allows you use Windows additional features and let you enable or disable these additional features of Windows to get the maximum out of windows operating systems.

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How to Use Turn Windows Feature on of Off in Windows 10?

Step 1. Click on Windows icon on your device of press Win key on the keyboard.
Step 2. Type Turn Windows Features On or Off. It will appear in search result.
Step 3. Click on Turn Windows Features On or OFF. It will open Windows Features.
Step 4. Now look for Remote Server Administration Tools and click on icon to expand. Here you will find Role Administration Tools, Feature Administration Tools, and Server Manager.Enable or Disable Windows 10 RSAT?
Step 5. Here Clear the check boxes, if you don’t want to use Role Administration Tools or Feature Administration Tools and if you also want to turn off Server Manger Clear, clear the Check boxes to turn off Server Manager. Important:

  1. Changes made in Step 5 will only work after the restart of your system.
  2. If you want to use Server Manager, all the tools those are used by Server Manager must be opened from Administrative Tools Folder.

Step 6. If you don’t want to turn off or on any other tools click OK
Step 7. If you want to enable RSAT reserve the step 5 i.e. click on check boxes to enable Role Administration Tools, Feature Administration Tools, and Server Manager.

Note:  You can find these tools just by typing the name into Cortana Seach Bar. Cortana will return all the tools and and many other associated tools.