If we have too many applications running when we start Windows 10, we can make this start slower. Therefore, it is usually common to recommend removing some of them from this start. But, it may happen that you want there to be some that always start automatically. This is something that we can configure at all times. In addition, the reality is that it is not something complicated to achieve.

We explain below how we can make an application to run when starting Windows 10. So, if there is an app that you want to run automatically when we start the computer, it can be done. There are different methods for this, but we will show you a simple, but an effective one.

Windows 10: How to Make a Program Run at Startup on Any Computer

For this, we are going to create a shortcut in a hidden Windows 10 folder. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is have a view of the hidden folders in the system. So within the file explorer, you must click on the View tab. Then you have to click on the Show or hide option. Then several options will appear and we have to make sure that the Hidden elements option is checked.

Once this is done, we are ready to start this process on the computer. We are going to create a shortcut so that this application will run automatically when we start Windows 10. The steps to follow are not complex at all so that all users can carry them out without a problem.

Steps to follow

The first thing we are going to have to do is go to the programs folder at Windows 10 startup. Within the file explorer, we have to follow a certain path. We must enter This Team first. Then, access the Local disk, and there you have to enter the following folders: ProgramData> Microsoft> Windows> Start Menu> Programs> Start.

If you prefer, you can copy the address directly in the address bar of the file explorer, since it is much faster.

The specific path that we have to enter in this case would be: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Start Menu Programs StartUp. Therefore, once inside this folder, we can continue with the process that we are carrying out.

Before proceeding, you must create the shortcuts on the desktop for these applications you want to automatically run at Windows 10 startup. We do this because the operating system won’t let us create shortcuts in this Startup folder.

Therefore, we have to move them once we have created them. In order to create a shortcut, right-click on the executable of the app. Several options will appear, one of which is to create a shortcut.

Then when you have already created these shortcuts, you have to drag them into the Start folder. Just hold on the icon and drag it inside the folder.

When you drop the icon inside that folder, it will have already moved. Do it with the accesses of all those apps that you want to start automatically in Windows 10. Once we have completed these steps, we can move on to the last details of this process.

As the Startup folder is one of great importance in Windows 10, in order to move these shortcuts, they will ask you for administrator permissions.

If you are already logged in to the computer administrator, when you get a message on the screen, you simply have to give it to continue. In case you are not the administrator, then you will have to ask the person who has said permission to complete the process. It is essential to carry it out.

With this, we will have finished the process on the computer. We have already moved these icons to the home folder. So the next time you log in to Windows 10, these applications will run automatically. If at any time you want to change it, you can delete the icon of that folder, or use the task manager.