WhatsApp has more than one billion daily users. It shows that WhatsApp is a most frequent app for mobile users but it is not possible to use mobile everywhere like in the office or in your computer lab.

To help you, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp desktop app i.e. WhatsApp Web. It is a computer based client of WhatsApp which connect your smartphone with your computer.

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Let See the functionality of WhatsApp Web

It links your browser and WhatsApp and synchronizes messages from your Whatsapp on mobile to WhatsApp Web on the computer with condition that your mobile should always be connected to the internet all the time till you want to use WhatsApp Web so that you can send and receive messages directly from your browser on the computer.

How to Use WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on your browser and you will find a QR code which you need to scan from your mobile.How to Use WhatsApp Web on Computer
  2. Open WhatsApp in your mobile.
    1. For Android user:
      1. Tap on 3 dots (Menu) on the top right corner and tap on WhatsApp Web
    2. For iPhone user:
      1. Tap on Gear icon (Settings) and tap on WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  3. Now you need to scan the QR available on the browser from your mobile and leave it open.How to Use WhatsApp Web on Computer

Congratulations! You are online now you can send and receive messages directly from your browser without touching your mobile.