Since Microsoft introduced the Linux subsystem within Windows 10, there have been many voices that ensure the possibility of running Ubuntu applications and tools within Windows 10. Despite Microsoft’s insistence that Windows 10 was not based on Ubuntu but was a subsystem, several users have demonstrated and got the Ubuntu file manager running on Windows 10.

We must say that the resulting product is not as many would have liked, but it does open a small window of hope for Windows 10 users who want to run Ubuntu or Gnu / Linux tools.

Nautilus is running on Windows 10. However, it does not do it natively, but it does it through several layers of emulation. These layers of emulation are executed thanks to the Windows 10 Linux subsystem. A subsystem that has caused a crack in the Microsoft operating system and that will undoubtedly soon make Ubuntu programs run on Windows 10.

Windows 10 could be compatible with Nautilus and Ubuntu Gnome and be available to the end-user

For those who are foreign to the name of Nautilus or the file manager, it is a program that is responsible for managing and using the files on the computer. Windows 10’s file explorer would be the equivalent of Nautilus, also called Explorer. An efficient and practical file manager, but it lacks some interesting tools such as tab management or low consumption of operating system resources.

For the moment, we can’t predict the exact date of Nautilus arrival in Windows 10, but there is no doubt that it will come sooner or later. However, Will Nautilus only come to Windows 10, or will Gnome also? What do you think?