Most of Android users are switching to iPhone because of its features. While switching to an iPhone the most important and first thing is transferring all your contacts from Android to iPhone.

If you are the moving from Android to iPhone and want to transfer your contact to iPhone use the following steps.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Part A. Sync Contact on Android

1. Open Android settings and under the Personal head, you will find Accounts. Tap on Accounts.

Android Setting Perosanl Accounts

2. Accounts will show you all the accounts you are connected to the device. Now tap on Google. It will show you all your Google Account associated with your Android device.

3. Tap on the Google Account you are going to use on an iPhone and it will show you Sync option related to Google Account which you can use there.

4. Now tap on Contact to sync it or tap on three dots next to Sync and select Sync now to synchronise everything.

Part B. Sync Contact on iPhone.

1. Open iPhone Settings and tap on “Accounts & Password“. Here you will find Add Account option which we will use to add your above Google Account.

Login iPhone with same Google Account

2. Tap Add Account and it will show you all the options for different mail provider.

Select google

3. Select Google and it will redirect you to Gmail login page. Login to Gmail and after login enable the Contacts by toggle on it.

That’s it all your contacts are now available on your iPhone.