Most of the website including Google and Facebook trying to give you better user experience by collecting data from your browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox and sent it to their servers. For this, they ask you to give permission to Know your location and sometimes for show notification. If you want to stop show notification read block show notification in Google Chrome.

Sometimes this features solve our problem by giving you best result in suggestions. But if you are tired of Know your location notification popups while browsing, you can stop this by just making some changes in your browser’s privacy settings.

Let’s stop know your location notification in Google Chrome.

Step 1. open your content setting page

1. Click on “three dots” on right side of the URL bar and click on settings. Now Click on “Show advance settings” and look for Privacy header. Under Privacy header, you will find “Content settings” button click on it. or

Click on the following link “chrome://settings/content

Stop Website from Snooping into Your Location in Google Chrome

Step 2. Look for Location header and select “Do not allow any site to track your physical location

That’s it. Now onwards you won’t receive any pop up for know your location.

Bonus Tips: If you have blocked any site by mistake or intentionally to know your locations and now you have changed your mind and want to allow a website to track your physical location. Just click on “Manage exceptions…” button. It will open “Geolocaiotn exceptions“. Now click on the cross button next to behavior of website you want to unblock from tracking your location.