Skype is one of the most frequent applications on the computers of millions of users. When Windows 10 is turned on, one of the first applications to run is usually this. Something that not all users like since it is not always used. So they want to open it only when they want to use it. So something can be done about it.

Since we have the possibility of remove Skype from Windows 10 inbox. So when we log on to the computer, the application will not run. It will then open only when we are the ones doing the action.

How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically in Windows 10

In many cases, this is something we can do from the task manager. But in the latest version, it is not possible. Because we have to do it within Skype itself. Although the steps we have to follow in this regard are really simple, so it is not a problem having to use this new system.

Therefore, within the application, we must place the right mouse button in the notification area and access Skype settings.

Then we have to enter the general category and there we see that there is an option that says “Show the app in the Windows 10 notification area” We must deactivate this option, which is normally activated by default.

Although this assumes that we will continue to receive notifications. Therefore, if you want to avoid this, it is best to log out of the app.

So we will only see the messages when we login again because we wanted to. Then it is recommended to remove the icon from the Windows 10 inbox.

It can be done in the Start menu, where Skype is located and then click on its direct access with the right mouse button. Then click on the uninstall option. So the icon is removed from that tray.