How to Fix Android Delayed in Notification

Recently, My Android device notification doesn’t come to me until I open the specific app and sometimes apps notifications are not showing and delayed notification up to 15 minutes.

Due to this, I have already missed many important notifications of apps and now it’s frustrating but while checking it out, I found that while optimizing my phone I messed up with Android device settings and made some mistakes in the process.

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So, If you are also facing the same problem like me and facing delayed in the notification, I will try to explain each and every possible solution for this delayed in notifications on Android.

A) Don’t Use Battery & Phone optimizer Apps – They Kill the Background Process of Apps

a) While boosting and optimizing your Android device if you have disabled the background process from the Android device settings.  Please don’t do it for those apps from which you want to receive notifications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

b) Some of the users are using task-killing apps. These apps are designed to kill all the process and shut down the app completely as you leave using the app and app goes to background. So my suggestion doesn’t use these kinds of apps.

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B) Power Saver Mode – Use it wisely

Power Saver mode is a blessing to keep your phone alive when you don’t have battery more than 15%. But do you know that Power Saver mode also disable the Data Syncs feature which let your app to syncs data into the background and updates you as it receives a new notification. So I will advise you to use Power Saver mode only when your device has the low battery, not all the time.

C) Keep Wi-Fi enabled at all times – If you are receiving apps notifications as you unlock the screen

This may be because as your Andoird devices go to sleep it disables the Wi-Fi and saves your device battery but it stops the apps data syncs which result delayed in the notification.

To fix this read How to Keep Your Wi-Fi Enabled At All Times.

D) Reduce the Android HeartBeat Interval Time – Use Push Notification Fixer

Your Android device keeps a stable connection with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service which is used by all messaging apps to send a push notification and receive notification timely.

As you Android device is not getting any app notification for 5 minutes then due to inactive port your routers or carriers disconnect you connection and after that, you will not receive any notification until your Android device send a network packet called a “HeartBeat” to Wi-Fi or mobile data Connection. Normal HeartBeat time for Wi-Fi is 15 minutes and for mobile data connection is 28 minutes,

To decrease the HeartBeat interval for Wi-fi and mobile data connection, we can use a free app called Push Notification Fixer. Set the HeartBeat time to 5 minutes for both, it is the perfect time interval because of most of the connection timeout after 5 minutes or more. But remember it will cost your device battery.

Conclusion: Check all of the above possible reason for the delay in the notification in your Android device and solve it before its too late and also share which method worked for you.

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