It is possible that on some occasions, you need to open more than one instance of an application in Windows 10. When we have this application anchored in the taskbar, it is logical to think that clicking on its icon will open a new instance of it. Although this is not the case, there is an easy way to do it.

In this way, we can open multiple instances of any application in Windows 10 in a very simple way. We tell you how this is possible on our computer, using a simple trick. Many users do not know it, but it can be very useful on more than one occasion.

How to Run Multiple Instances of a Windows Program in Windows 10

In this sense, we will already have to have an instance of the application in question open and that its icon can be seen in the Windows 10 taskbar. In this way, we can already resort to the trick in question that we need in this case, which is very simple to use, merely a click and a key.

Since what we can do is right-click on that icon and click on its name again. This then allows us to open a new instance of said application in question, although it is not the only way to do it, because there is another combination that gives us the same result.

We can click with the middle mouse button. If in your case you don’t have such a button, you can left-click while holding down the Shift key. This allows us to open a new instance of any application on our Windows 10 computer.

As you can see, it is a very simple trick, but to which we can get a lot out of it in this case. So do not hesitate to use it if you need to open multiple instances of any application in Windows 10. With this method, it will be possible at any time.