Google Chrome is the best browser because of its features and personally, I prefer it. But the only drawback of Chrome is it consume too much RAM when I left my device idle for a long time and don’t close Chrome. It makes some of the tabs unresponsive and crashes sometimes. To handles this situation we have two solutions:

  1. Close the Chrome browser and restart it again. But you will lose all the tabs you are working with.
  2. Kill the page or the Chrome browser from the Windows task manager and restart again. But the result is same as above.

In the series of Chromes feature and special pages, those are hidden from the main interface and you can use them from special URLs, Google has added new Chromium Build in special URL which solves our problem release RAM consumed by Google Chrome tabs.

Here is the angel of Chrome chrome://restart.
To use this special URL. Open a new tab in Chrome and type in address bar chrome://restart or about:restart and hit Enter.

It will close and restart the Chrome browser instantly and release excess RAM consumed by the Chrome tabs and the best part is all of your tabs remain opened.

If your device has less RAM and you are willing to use it more frequently than make the bookmark of this special URL.

How to make a Bookmark to Quickly Restart Google Chrome?

Press Ctrl+D (in Windows) or Cmd+D (In Mac). It will open Bookmark this page. Now click on Edit button on bookmark screen and put Chrome://restart in URL input field and hit Save button.

How to Quickly Restart Google Chrome & Release RAM Instantly Without Closing Any Tab


  1. Time taken in the restart of Chrome depends on the number of tabs you have open.
  2. If you have opened multiple Chrome Browser Profiles or Incognito windows and use this chromium  Build, all of the profiles will also be closed and reopened.

Warning: If you are filling any form online. Don’t use this chromium build because it does not retain any data. As a result, you might lose some data.
Bonus Tips: For Firefox users: Open tab and press Shift-F2 and then type restart into the console and hit Enter.