When we connect a device to Windows 10 via Bluetooth, the name that is usually shown is the one that the manufacturer of the device has given. Something that is not always comfortable, because many times they are not clear names. Also, if we use a lot of devices, then it’s kind of confusing. Therefore, we can change the name of a product, so that it is easier for us to recognize it. There is no problem with doing this.

Below we show you the steps to follow in this regard in order to rename this device. Thus, the next time you connect a device via Bluetooth in Windows 10, it will be much easier to recognize. The steps are not complicated.

How to rename a Bluetooth device in Windows 10

The first thing to do is to connect this device to the Windows 10 computer using Bluetooth. When this is done, you have to go to the control panel. Then, we have to enter the Hardware, and sound / see devices and printers section. This is where we will be able to see the device in question.

So, we have to right-click on that device and enter properties. Then a new window of the properties appears on the screen. There are several tabs at the top, from which we have to enter Bluetooth. In this tab comes the name that the manufacturer has given the device.

We have here the possibility of edit the name of this device. We can choose the one we want, as long as it will be comfortable when connecting the device to Windows 10 using Bluetooth. When we have already changed the name of the device, just give it to apply changes.

In this way, we have definitely changed its name. The next time you connect the device in Windows 10, the name you have given will then appear. Whenever you want to change this name, the steps to follow are the same. So it is not complicated at all.