The metadata of the files corresponds to the information that allows us to know the details of the files in question, especially if they are mainly photographs or videos since these data will enable us to know the values ​​used by the camera during capture and the video quality at which it was recorded.

On the Internet, we can find a large number of applications that allow us not only to access the metadata of the files but also allow us to modify and even delete them. With Windows 10, these types of applications are not necessary. Below we show you how the remove metadata from videos in Windows 10.

How to remove metadata from videos in Windows 10 without installing apps

Access video metadata in Windows 10

To access the data of the videos in Windows 10, we only have to place the mouse over the file in question, press the right button, and select Properties.

At that time, the left box of the upper image will be shown and where we can see recording data that we have done such as the file resolution, the data rate, the number of frames per second, the channels (stereo or mono) along with the sound sample rate.

Delete metadata from videos in Windows 10

To delete the data that we do not want to be kept in the document before sharing, or simply want to delete, we have to click on the text Remove properties and personal information, located just at the end of the property box.

Then the box to the right of the image above will be displayed. First, we select Remove the following properties from this file. Next, we must check all the boxes that contain the information we want to delete the video file we are in.

To proceed to delete these data, we must click on Accept. It must be taken into account that once these data have been deleted, there is no way to get them back.