Memory card is an essential part of our Android devices. It is a small chip which stores million bytes of data. Sometimes we need to protect our memory card by a lock or by set some password because of sensitive data. But sometimes we forgot that password and here problem start. Memory card does not allow to copy or paste the data into it. So if you are facing the same problem. Here is the solution.

Remove Memory Card Password

Method 1. Remove Password of Memory Card Using PC

Warning: In this method, you will lose all your data because to remove the lock we will format the memory card.
Advise: try the method 2: Remove Password from Memory Card Using Android. If method 2 won’t work then go for this method.

1. Insert the memory card in card reader and insert that card reader in the computer or insert the memory card in Android device and connect the computer.

2. Now select the memory card and right click on it. Now click on Format (* it will ask for password).

3. It will format the memory card data and password.

Method 2. Remove Password of Memory Card Using Android

1. Install ES File Explorer on Android device and insert the password protected memory card in the device.

2. Open the system folder and search mmcstore. It contains the password of your memory card so we need access this as a text file so, rename it as mmcstore.txt and open it.

3. In mmcstore.txt you will find the current password of the protected memory card. Save the password keep it safe.

4. Now when you need to access to memory card use the password we got from mmcstore.txt.

Using this method you can access data stored on your memory card.