Sometimes we leave our system in hurry without logout from Facebook Account. It is ok if you are using your own system but what if the system is not your and belongs to the office or public place like a cyber cafe or maybe your device is stolen which has stored your Facebook username and password in your browser.

I hope you don’t want to be in any trouble because you forgot to log out of your Facebook account. So, to protect yourself, your information and account. Facebook has introduced remote logout feature to save you.

Let’s save your life using remote logout feature of Facebook.

Step 1. Log in your Facebook Account

Step 2. Now click on down arrow button at the right top corner and click on settings.

How to Logout Your Facebook Account From All Devices RemotelyOr just click on

Step 3. Click on Security and Login in left side menu. There you will find Where You’re Logged In.

Step 4. The first entry shows the Active session. After that all the session with devices, Location, Date & time. Here selects the device in which you forgot to log out

How to Logout Your Facebook Account From All Devices Remotely

Step 5. Click on three dots next to session where you forgot to log out and select Log Out.


If your device is stolen or finds and suspicious activity. Click on Not You? To take safety precautions.


You want to Logout from all session. Select Log Out Of All Sessions. It will Logout you from all the session.

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