Windows 10 is an operating system that offers us many possibilities. We can use all kinds of applications in it, which give us many different uses, something that is of great interest to many users. In many cases, we use them for multimedia related actions, which means that these types of applications have access to the microphone, for example.

Audio is something we can do a lot in Windows 10. The operating system presents many customization options, from the volume, to make it regulate automatically if we connect headphones to be able to manage the mixer easily. Everyone can do what they want. It is also possible to mute an application.

There are applications that we have in Windows 10 that play audio at some point. But can we don’t want the application in question to play audio At no time, since it is annoying or something that does not contribute anything to the operation of this specific application? When we use it, we may mute the audio on the computer, to avoid having to listen to it.

Luckily, this is something we don’t have to do. Since we can bet on directly silencing said application. There is a function on the computer that allows you to do this. It is not something that many users know, but the truth is that it can be very helpful in these situations. Also, we don’t have to install anything on the computer to be able to do it.

How to permanently mute an app on Windows 10

What steps are we going to have to take this time? We just have to make use of the audio mixer that we have in Windows 10. This tool is the one that will give us access to the possibility of silencing applications in the operating system.

So it is really easy to have access to this function at all times. Before starting, you must open this application on your computer, to make it possible.

We need to look for the speaker icon located in the taskbar on the computer. Next, we right-click on this icon. We will get a small context menu where we have several options available, one of which is the Open Volume Mixer, on which we have to click at that time. A new window will then open on the screen, where we are already in a said mixer.

Here we will be able to see the applications that are on the computer, along with a volume icon. This Windows 10 volume mixer will allow us to regulate the sound of each use. So we can reduce the volume if we want, but in this case, what interests us is to mute that particular application.

This is something we can do by clicking on the volume icon at the bottom. When doing this, this icon shows a red prohibited symbol next to it, indicating that we have silenced the application in question on the computer. We can repeat this process with all the applications that we want on the computer.

Reverse the process

It is possible that at some point in the future, you want to give sound to this application in question. The steps we have to follow in Windows 10 are the same. At all times, we will have to make use of the volume mixer of the operating system to equip an app with sound or mute it.

So we will not have problems in this regard, simply follow the same steps and then click on the volume icon to return the audio.

In these cases, if we give sound to an application in Windows 10, we can regulate its volume. There may be somewhat annoying applications, and we do not know very well what we should do.

If you want to keep the sound, you can bet on lowering the volume of it, on avoiding that it is too annoying for you. A simple way to achieve this and to adjust to what is most comfortable for you on your computer.