In case there are problems starting Windows 10, the operating system has entered a boot menu for these situations. This is the Windows Recovery Environment. A recovery menu, which we can access when there has been something on the computer at startup that does not work well. The same seeks to be able to give a solution to said failure.

Thus, using the Windows Recovery Environment, we can repair this failure without having to resort to restarting the computer. That is why it is a handy tool in Windows 10, although many users do not know how to access this menu if necessary.

How to use the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to troubleshoot common startup issues

On the one hand, Windows 10 allows you to access this Windows Recovery Environment automatically. Since in case the system does not boot correctly, such as restarting a couple of times during startup, the operating system itself will charge loading this recovery menu. In this case, it is automatic.

Also, if Windows 10 shuts down twice unexpectedly in less than 10 minutes, something that rarely happens, this recovery menu is automatically loaded. However, the users who want can enter it manually, in some instances.

On the login screen, it is possible to do so. To do this, to enter the Windows Recovery Environment, we have to press the r button and start while pressing the Shift key.

This will open the menu in question in a simple way. If we have already accessed the desktop, it is also possible.

In this case, you have to enter Settings and then the Update and security section. Within it, you go to the Recovery section, and within this, you must choose the option to reboot to advanced startup.

This will allow easy access to the Windows Recovery Environment in Windows 10.