How to Sign Out of Gmail

If you are logged in to your Gmail account, it is always advised to log out your Gmail account after the work finished, so that no one can read or access your emails.

If you logged in on your Device, then you can easily sign out. But If you are logged in to other devices and you have forgot to log out and now you have no longer access to that device, then you may be in trouble.

Don’t worry here we will tell you how to sign out of Gmail in both cases. Let’s check out the detailed guide below.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail [Remotely]

Steps are pretty simple and straightforward, as given below:-

Step 1. Open Gmail on your laptop or PC and check if you are logged in.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail

Step 2. If yes, and you want to log out from your account, click on your profile icon which will be visible on the top right corner of the window.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail

Step 3. Here, you will find the Gmail log out option, click on “Sign Out” to do so.

Step 4. If you are signed in into your Gmail account on some other devices and wish to sign out from all those devices, click on “Details” option on the bottom right corner of the window.

Step 5. Here you will find the option of “Sign out from all other sessions”, click on that.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail

Using these above steps you can log out from Gmail easily on any device.

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