Yesterday We tell you what a DLNA server is and what it is for, as you can read in this article. In it we tell you that we can configure it on our Windows 10 computer. This is what we are going to explain below, the steps we have to follow to be able to configure our DLNA server on our computer.

As we have already told you, we have one on the computer. So, the process that we have to carry out in Windows 10 is configuration. We will not have to install anything, something that undoubtedly makes the process much faster and easier at all times.

How to set up a DLNA network in Windows 10

As usual in this type of situation, we have to go to the Windows 10 configuration first. We can do it by opening the start menu and clicking on the gear icon, or we have another way. You can use a key combination, Win + I, which allows us to open the configuration directly in a simple way.

Within the configuration, we have to go to the network and Internet section. When it opens on the screen, we will have to directly enter the section called Change connection properties that appears on the screen. It does not matter if we are connected to WiFi or a cable. We have to enter this section.

The first thing we are asked is the network profile. We have only two options in this case. By default, Windows 10 marks it as a public profile, but the one that we are interested in right now is the private or domestic. So we select the private profile and then we go to the next step.

In it we have to return to Network and Internet settings. In the state section, where we were before. We have to go down to the end of it, where we will find the sharing options section.

We are going to click on it, to decide the elements that we are going to share with the rest of the equipment that is connected in a said network with DLNA.

Then a new window will open in which we find the advanced sharing settings. We have to fill in a couple of options in it. The first of these is that the computer will detect this home network automatically.

This will allow us to not have to do anything to configure it. We also have to activate the option called “Activate file and printer sharing”. In this way, the printer will also be part of this network that we are creating with DLNA in Windows 10.

Then you have to unfold the options in the All networks section. Here we have the most important elements to consider. So we are going to be able to configure aspects to our liking.

One of those that we have to select is that of multimedia streaming options. As it is the first time we enter, a notice will appear saying that we are allowing other devices to access multimedia files on our Windows 10 computer. Simply press the activate option in order to continue.

In the next step, we can name the computer and other devices that we have connected to the remaining DLNA network. It is something you must configure to your liking. When you have done it, you have to accept it. Then, we go down to the end of everything, where we find the option of password protection.

There we will have to enable the disable sharing option with password protection. In this way, we will not have to write a password when using these elements. When you have configured everything, click save changes.

With these steps, we have already carried out the necessary steps for the DLNA server configuration on our Windows 10 computer. As you can see, it is not complicated, but it is a rather long process. But you are not going to have problems with it.