It is possible that on some occasions, some of the applications you have installed on Windows 10 start to crash. The reasons why this happens can be very varied, but it is clear that it fails and you cannot use it in the normal way. In that case, we have to do something about it. The operating system gives us a tool that will help us.

Because in Windows 10, we can repair or reset apps that we have installed. In this way, we can end the failures that are in them. Thus, they will return to normal operation, and we can continue enjoying their use on the computer. How can we achieve this? We tell you the steps below.

The problem with this method is that not all the applications that we have on the computer are compatible with this method. While it is possible in most apps that we have installed from the Microsoft Store or most of those that come installed by default on your Windows 10 computer. In such cases, we can use them.

So once we have this clear, we are ready to start the process. If there has been an app that is starting to fail on your computer, this may be the ideal solution for you. We hope it helps.

How to Repair or Reset Applications in Windows 10

The first thing we have to do is open Windows 10 settings on the computer. For this, we can use the key combination Win + I. The operating system settings will then open on the screen. Of all the sections that appear on the screen, we must enter the application section.

Within this menu, we have to look at the left column. We then click on the Applications and features option. So we will be able to see all the apps that we have installed on the computer directly.

Next, in said list of applications, we have to look for the one that was giving us problems. Then click on said application. You will see some options that appear on the screen. One of them, on which we must click, is the advanced options.

It is an option that is only compatible with some of the applications that we have in Windows 10.

For this reason, it is possible that there is an app in which you enter the advanced options, and you will not get the possibility to reset or repair the app. It depends on each one. But usually, we have such a possibility.

Once we are within these advanced options, you get two options on the screen. You can repair or reset the application. We briefly tell you what each of these options means. So you know which one is right for you in your specific situation:

  • Repair application: The application data will not be erased. What Windows 10 does is check for any errors in the application, or there might be a solution to them. So if you have a fault, not too serious, it is better to try this option.
  • Reset application: By using this option, you will lose all the data of the application, unless the application itself has saved some of the data in the cloud, as some do. When you use this method, what you are doing is getting the app to install again and return to the original settings. You can use it if it is giving too much trouble or directly does not work.

Definitely, are two extremely useful tools that Windows 10 provides us. In a fairly simple way, we will be able to end many problems that exist in our applications.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to use it with all the apps that we have on the computer. But if it is possible to use it with an app that is giving you problems, do not hesitate to do so. In many cases, it ends with small malfunctions. If it’s something more serious, resetting is highly effective too. Have you ever used this option?