Task manager is a tool that we regularly use on our Windows 10 computer. There are many times when we have to use it, so having easier access can be comfortable. Thus we save ourselves from doing the same process every time we want to use it. A good idea may be to pin it on the taskbar

If we want to do this, it is possible. So that task manager in Windows 10 will be pinned on the computer’s taskbar. It is a useful trick if we resort to this tool with a certain frequency in our computer. We show you the way to achieve it.

How to pin task manager on taskbar in Windows 10

For this, we will have to open the task manager first on the computer. We use the usual key combination for this: Ctrl + Alt + Delete and wait for the new window to appear, where we will select the administrator. The window of the same will open after a few seconds on our screen.

By having it open, an icon of this task manager appears in the taskbar.

On this icon, we will then right-click with the mouse. Then a contextual menu will appear, where we have several options available, on what to do with this tool. One of them is to pin to the taskbar.

We click on this option so that what we were looking for will happen. It will be pinned to the taskbar so that we will have a much more comfortable access every time we want to use it. The icon stays there at all times, allowing us to open it with a single click.

It is a very comfortable option, which gives us quick and straightforward access to the task manager.

So if you want to use it this way or you use it regularly in Windows 10, then this simple trick will surely be of interest to you. It doesn’t take long to get, as you can see.