The taskbar is an essential element in Windows 10. Many users often create shortcuts to some parts on the computer in the same way. Especially those that use or need to access a certain frequency. In this sense, the hard drive may be something that is accessed frequently. So having a shortcut is a good option.

In addition, there is the possibility of Pin such shortcut to Windows 10 taskbar. It is a simple process, but it can be extremely useful on many occasions. How can this be achieved?

How To Pin Hard Drive To Taskbar In Windows 10

First of all, we have to open the Windows 10 file explorer.

  • From there we have to enter This computer, which is the section in which we can see the disk drives that we have in the computer. Normally, we have only one hard drive, so we right-click on it.
  • Then a context menu appears with a series of options in it. Let’s see that one of the options in this menu is to create a shortcut.
  • Therefore, click on it, and then this shortcut will be created. It cannot be created in this folder, so Windows 10 creates it on the desktop.
  • So if we go to the desktop, we will see that we are already there with such direct access available. We want to have it in the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • In this case, we right-click on it and enter its properties. In the destination section, we have to enter: explorer.exe C:
  • Then we go out and click again with the right mouse button. A series of options will appear in that context menu. One of them is Pin to the taskbar.

In this way, the said shortcut is anchored in the taskbar. Which will allow us to access it at any time? Pressing on this access, we will always have access to the hard disk with a single click. A very comfortable option, which we can do with other locations on the computer if we consider it necessary.