We all want that our computer to start quickly, and we are not forced to have a coffee between hitting the start button of our computer until finally stop reading the hard drive, and we can work with it.

If our computer has a Solid hard disk (SSD), the boot time of our computer is very short, so there is little we can do to reduce the boot time. But if our hard drive is mechanical (HDD), You will see how the time is reduced considerably.

Many are the applications that, without any reason that justifies it they run when we start our team. And I say no reason that justifies them because, depending on the application, it is not necessary to preload an application in case we ever use it. A

A Clear example of this wrongdoing by some applications is found in the Chrome browser, a browser that is loaded when starting our computer to reduce the loading time when we run it for the first time.

In the start menu, we can also find other types of applications that run when starting our computer, applications that are necessary for a connected external device to work or that we can connect to the equipment. These types of applications should always be executed when starting our computer as long as we have the need to use the associated hardware. Otherwise, we can proceed to eliminate them.

Remove applications from Windows startup

  • First, we must access the Task Manager through the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys.
  • Next, we go to the tab Start.
  • This tab shows all the applications that run when Windows starts. If we want to deactivate those that we do not need to begin when starting our computer, we must select it with the mouse and click on the lower right button, the Disable button.