With the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft officially introduced the Microsoft Store app store, although previously it had been called Windows Store. This application store is the best way to be able to have our computer always protected and free from malware or viruses that can infect our computer through applications downloaded from the Internet.

The problem that this application store presents us is that the developer community they haven’t trusted this app store very much, store where we can find both free and paid applications. In addition, the user interface that it offers us is adapted to devices with a touch screen, one of the main innovations that Windows 10 introduced.

How to install programs on Windows 10

This type of interface is designed to be used, if we activate the tablet mode, with the fingers but the number of options it offers is very small compared to the normal desktop versions that we have always had at our disposal so that the most hardcore users never make use of this store, a store that is a fantastic idea for all those users who make use of Windows 10 having limited knowledge of the system and that they do not intend to get the most out of the team.

Whether users like it or not, the Microsoft app store is where they finally they will have to finish most of the applications that in the future they will be able to be installed in Windows 10, since it is the safest and most suitable method to maintain the security of the equipment at all times.

In addition, it is also the fastest way for users to find the applications they need at all times without having to resort to browsing the Internet and ending up downloading an application can contain a virus.