A year after the launch of Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser, which had come from the hand of this new version of Windows, received the expected compatibility with extensions, one of the best tools we have at our disposal to be able to expand and improve our experience when browsing.

Although it is true that today we have at our disposal a large number of extensions, there is still a long distance between those available for Chrome and Firefox and those available for Microsoft Edge. Firefox is the only browser of the three mentioned, which cares about our privacy, something that we should certainly appreciate at this time. Next, we show you how can we install Firefox in Windows 10.

Although it is true that Firefox does not offer us the same features of its latest version in Windows XP and Windows Vista, we have version 52 at our disposal, latest update compatible with these operating systems, so if you have any of those operating systems, you can only install that version.

How to install Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10

  • First of all, we must go through the Mozilla Foundation official website to officially and directly download Firefox for Windows.
  • Once we have downloaded the installation file, we go to the Downloads folder, where they natively store all the files that we download from the Internet through any browser, unless before confirming the download, we modify the path.
  • When executing the installation file, we only have to click Next several times to be able to use Firefox. The Mozilla Foundation does not include any type of additional software, so we are sure that if we have downloaded the file from the official website. This will not include any more associated applications.