A situation that surely has happened to most in Windows 10. The computer restarts at the most inopportune moment. You were working on a document at that time, or you were writing an email, when the computer has to restart. When turned on again, in many cases these windows have to be reopened again.

This is something that for most users is annoying. Although there is a possible solution. Since we can configure Windows 10 so that these windows open again when we restart the computer, without us having to do something about it. The process to achieve this is not complicated.

How to have Windows re-open active windows and programs on reboot

It is a good way to power resume in this way what we were doing on the computer, without having to open everything again. Especially in the case that there were many open windows is something that can be especially annoying. In this case, Windows 10 asks us to configure both the windows and the applications.

Keep windows open

In this case, the first thing we have to do is configure the windows. In a way that if we had any folder open in Windows 10 at that time, it will open again when the computer works again.

  • The steps in this regard are not complicated. We have to open the file explorer first.
  • Then we click on view, one of the three tabs above, and these options are then shown in the browser. In it, we focus on the top and enter options, which are located on the right.
  • When we click on options, a new window opens on the screen. We have a number of options in it. In the upper area, there are several tabs, of which we have to click on View.
  • Within this section, we have a list of various functions and options. In it, we must look for the option to Restore folder windows before login and mark the square next to it.

So, we just have to click on apply and then accept. In this way, these changes are saved in Windows 10 officially. This will allow that folder to open automatically when the computer restarts. Therefore, the windows have already been configured.

Keep applications open

For applications, we will have to resort to Windows 10 settings. Therefore, we open this configuration using the Win + I key combination.

  • Then, when it appears on the screen, we see that there are a series of sections available on the screen. The one we have to go into in this case accounts. So we open it.
  • Within accounts, we have to look for the section called Login Options. Then we have to look for the section called Privacy, which we usually find on the right side of the screen.
  • So we have to look for an option that has a really long name. This is to Use my login information to finish setting up my device automatically after restarting or updating it. Next to it we will see that we find a switch.
  • So all we have to do in this case is proceeding to activate the said switch. This is already automatically saved on the computer.
  • What this action means is that when the computer is restarted, when Windows 10 starts working again, we will not have to do anything to make the application reopen on the screen. It will open automatically on the computer without us having to do it.

It is a really comfortable option to use. Especially in cases where Windows 10 has restarted without us having done something. As can happen in some updates, only the computer suddenly restarts.

So in any case, when the computer starts working again, we will have this app open again on the screen, to be able to continue working normally, as before it was restarted.