In Windows 10, we find a built-in troubleshooter natively. It is presented as an ideal way to give solutions to certain errors that we find in the computer. So we do not have to install third-party applications in it at any time. Although it doesn’t always run when we need it.

So we have the ability to make the troubleshooter in Windows 10 it will run automatically. By making sure that the moment we have a fault that this tool can be of help, we can let it do its job. This is a simple thing.

Since the May update, we have a feature of great interest in the operating system. Since we can make this solver suggest various solutions and power solve problems that have been found automatically. So we don’t have to do anything ourselves. A function of great comfort.

Automatically fix problems in Windows 10

First, let’s open Windows 10 settings start this process. We can do it using the Win + I key combination so that it will open on the screen then. Once inside, we enter the Privacy section. In this section, we look at the menu on the left. There are the options Comments and Diagnosis, on which we click.

At the end of this section, we can see that there is an option called “Recommended troubleshooting procedures

This is the section that interests us in this case, where we have several alternatives. Since we can determine the way in which the problems found in the computer are going to be solved. You can choose between the various alternatives that are given to us in it.

We can choose to want Windows 10 to fix problems without asking, to correct them automatically, but to notify us that this is going to be done, to ask us before a problem is going to be corrected or that this applies only to those faults or problems that are considered critical.

We can choose the option we want, although in this case, we may be interested in the option that it works automatically, without bothering us in this regard.

Therefore, we choose the option to Correct problems without asking, which we get in that section. This will cause that when there is a failure in the operating system, the troubleshooter will act without asking us anything. It will run automatically and will solve the problem in question as quickly as possible.