Windows 10 is an operating system that gives us many possibilities of use. One of them is to adapt to the type of device in which it works and bet on the tablet mode, in which the screen adjusts in a way that works as if we had a tablet. It is a good option for users with a laptop that has a touch screen since this mode allows a better operation of gestures.

This is something that users on Windows 10 can use whenever they want. Although tablet mode is not activated normally in the operating system, so this can be used on touch screens in a much simpler way. Here we tell you how.

How to Enable or Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Tablet mode found within settings in Windows 10. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is open the configuration on the computer.

  • This is something we can do with the Win + I key combination so that the configuration appears on the screen.
  • So, from the options that we get, we have to enter System, which is normally the first to appear on the list.
  • We click on it, and then the system menu will appear on the computer screen. We have to look in the left column and look there Tablet mode, one of the options.
  • We click on it, and we will get the menu of this tablet mode in Windows 10. Here we will be able to proceed with its activation, in the first box on the screen. In addition to being able to configure certain aspects in this way, which will allow us to use it more comfortably on our computer.

In this way, if we have a Windows 10 laptop that has a touch screen, we are going to be able to use this tablet mode that the operating System offers us. A very interesting function, which is also very comfortable and easy to use.