Brawl Stars is the new SuperCell game, responsible for other great successes like Clash Royale. They are all games for smartphones, although many users wish they could play them on their computers. The reality is that there is a way to have the new game from the popular studio in Windows 10. Although it is not well known.

Therefore, below we show you the way in which it turns out possible to have Brawl Stars in Windows 10. So if you were thinking about playing this popular new game from the studio, you can also do it from your computer in a very simple way. The steps are shown below.

How to download Brawl Stars in Windows 10

As we have said, it is a game that has been released exclusively for mobile phones. Although there is a way to play it on the computer as well. In this case, it is about making use of an emulator. Emulators give us the possibility to access games that have been thought for a different one on another platform. Without a doubt a great possibility to access many new games.

So, thanks to an emulator we could play Android games on a Windows 10 computer. Without a doubt a function that can be extremely useful for many users. Therefore, we must first have the emulator in question. Here we have several options available that give us this possibility, which may sound familiar to some of you.

Android emulators

There are a number of alternatives available for install on Windows 10 so that you will be able to access Brawl Stars. In this sense, there are some that are better known and will give you good performance. For example, there are some good options such as BlueStacks, MEmu or NOX They are good emulators, easy to use, and will allow you to enter the web using your Google Play account in a simple way.

Therefore, choose one of them and proceed to download it to your Windows 10 computer. Then, when you already have it on your computer, the first thing to do is log into Google Play account, which is usually the Google account. The same one you use for Gmail or have on your Android phone. So it will be as if we were to download Brawl Stars on an Android smartphone. The process is not going to change too much.

Download Brawl Stars on Windows 10

Brawl Stars

  • Once logged in, we just have to access the Google Play Store. In the same way that we do if we use an Android smartphone or a tablet, without changes in this regard.
  • There, within the app store, we simply have to search for Brawl Stars, using the search engine that is in it. Then, you have to click on the install button, so that the download of the game begins on your Windows 10 computer.
  • The download does not usually take too long, a maximum a couple of minutes. Then, the open button will appear on the screen where the install button was before. This means that Brawl Stars has already been downloaded completely and can start using it normally.
  • Then just open the game. Depending on the emulator that has been used, it may let you configure the game controls to your liking. For example, BlueStacks gives you this possibility. So it may be in your interest to have this possibility available.
  • In this way, once the game controls have been configured, You can now enjoy Brawl Stars on Windows 10.
  • To play in this case you will have to use the keyboard and mouse of the computer. So it may take some time to get used to it. But it won’t be complicated.

Now you will be able to easily enjoy the popular Super Cell game on your computer without any problem.