Windows 10 is here to stay unlike other versions like Windows 8 or Windows Vista without going any further, the worst versions of Windows that Microsoft has released since Windows hit the market 40 years ago. Windows 10 offers us the aesthetics and design of Windows 7 and Windows 8, with the well-known tiles in the start menu.

The Windows 10 start menu presents some applications with an icon that shows part of the content that we are going to find in the application, an icon called Tiles, which we can make more or less large. Depending on the use we make of this menu, we are probably interested in using it in full screen.

Using the start menu in full screen, allows us to visually access all the information we have in the start menu without having to move the mouse at any time to find the application we want to use.

If you’ve configured the start menu for your copy of Windows 10, chances are you’re interested in using it in full screen. If you want the Windows 10 start menu to be displayed on the full screen, you just have to follow the steps that I detail below.

Show the home screen in full screen

  • We access the Windows 10 settings through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i or we access it through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown in the lower left part of this menu.
  • Then we head up Personalization
  • Within Personalization, we turn to the option Start.
  • From among the different options shown in the right column, we must press the switch Show start full screen.