With the arrival of Windows 8, we saw a lot of applications appear adapted to their own format, in which touch devices prevailed. For this same reason, most of them were displayed in full screen, something that on certain occasions may be more useful than maximizing the content since, in this way, less detail is lost, and everything adjusts better, especially on devices with a non-screen. Too big.

However, the truth is that even though this option is no longer enabled in the new Windows 10, some long for it, and with a small keyboard combination, you will have the possibility to show applications like Microsoft Edge in real full screen on your computer easily.

How to display Microsoft Edge full screen in Windows 10

In this case, doing this reminds, in a way, what Windows 8.1 was because this mode shows in the foreground and occupying the entire monitor or screen of the device the content of websites. At the same time, if with the mouse you get close to the top, it will be when the different options appear. The same also happens with the bottom of the screen; only in this case, what will be shown will be the operating system taskbar.

To show any Microsoft Edge browser window on Windows 10 in full-screen mode, all you have to do is, being inside that window, access the keyboard combination Win + Shift + Enter.

As soon as you press the key combination in question, you can see how quickly Microsoft Edge automatically adapts to the space on your screen, showing the maximum possible content of the web page you are visiting at that particular moment.

Similarly, To return to classic mode, you can press the combination again on your computer keyboard, or access the top of the screen with the mouse, where you will find a new button before closing the application for it.