Since Microsoft first introduced Windows Defender with Windows 10, this application has become the tool of choice for many millions of users, as it is one of the best, not to mention the best antivirus currently available on the market, something that logically does not make any grace to the developers of this type of applications.

But we can still find some users in the market, which They do not just trust the benefits that Windows Defender natively offers us, despite being the best tool to protect our equipment since it is natively integrated throughout the system. If you want to install an antivirus, one of a kind, you must first disable Windows Defender, since both applications cannot be run together.

To disable Windows Defender completely, we have at our disposal different options, all of them completely valid, but we are only going to show ourselves the simplest. Thanks to the NoDefender application, we can quickly disable Windows antivirus without having to enter the configuration options, options that, if we do not know well, can cause a serious problem of operation in the equipment.

  • First, we must download NoDefender through the following link.
  • Next, we run the application and follow the wizard that will guide us to disable Windows Defender.
  • The first step will urge us to open the Windows Defender configuration options, a process that we can skip by clicking Next since it is not the option we need at the moment.

  • Then, in step 2, click on Disable Windows Defender and click on Next again.
  • Finally, a screen is displayed informing us that you have deactivated the native Windows antivirus.

To activate it again, if it were the case, we have to rerun the application and click on Open Windows Defender Settings to activate it.