Activity History is a feature that has been incorporated into Windows 10. In it, we find a history of everything we do in the operating system. Therefore, you can see the photos we have seen, what applications we have run and much more. Therefore, there are users who are not happy with this, because it is something that affects their privacy. If you want, you have the possibility to deactivate it.

There are two ways in which be able to disable this history in Windows 10. Below we show you, so if you were thinking of doing it, it will be much easier at all times on your computer.

As we have mentioned, we have two different methods. In one of them we are going to make use of the System Registry Windows 10, while in the second of them we will make use of the so-called group policies. Both ways are just as effective in making this activity history permanently disabled in the operating system.

How to disable Activity History in Windows 10

Using the registry

The first way to do it, which is the most common in this type of situation, is to make use of the Windows 10 registry. To do this, we are going to open the start menu and write “regedit” in the search box that appears in it. Next, the option to open the system registry on the computer will appear. We then enter it.

Within the registry, we have to follow a certain route to be able to get to the desired folder. In this case, the path to be followed in the registry is as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Policies / Microsoft / Windows / System. Therefore, once you have reached this location, we are ready for the next step that needs to be done.

Next, we have to create a new DWORD value in the window on the right side. We are going to name this new value PublishUserActivities. As in this case, what we want to do is that the activity history of Windows 10 is permanently deactivated, we have to give a value of 0 to this entry. Once this is done, we accept it, so that this new value is officially created.

In this way, we have achieved that Windows 10 activity history is disabled forever. Although, it must be remembered that the history that has been stored so far will not be able to be deleted. What we are doing is preventing new activities from being introduced into it.

Using group policies

As we said at the beginning, Windows 10 provides us with a second way to deactivate this activity history. For this, what we have to do is the following, make use of the so-called group policies. Although this is something that is reserved for those users who have Windows 10 Pro as a version of the operating system. So not all users will be able to use this system to deactivate this history.

To access group policies, you must type a command in the search bar of the start menu. This command is: gpedit.msc, so you must write it and then the possibility of access these group policies in the operating system. Inside we find a folder called “OS Policies”.

To get to that folder you had to follow the path: Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System. Once inside the OS Policies folder, you have to look at the right side of the interface. There, you have to double-click on the option allow publication of user activities. When you do this, a new window opens in which it is possible to deactivate this option. By doing this, you have to give it to save and you can leave now.

Then, you have to restart the computer. In this way, the changes that have been made will be effective on your computer.