Windows 10 remembers all the passwords of the WiFi networks you have connected to. This way, when you reconnect, you won’t have to do anything. Simply connect to that network. Although it is extremely useful, this means that many passwords accumulate on the computer. And in many cases, we will not use them again. So it may be in our best interest to remove it from time to time.

Being able to do this is easy. Below we show you the steps you have to follow to be able to clear the password of any WiFi network to which you have connected in Windows 10. This function has been available for some time in the operating system, although it has been changing location and shape.

How to Delete a Saved WiFi Network on Windows 10

As usual, we will make use of the Windows 10 settings to start the process. You can use the Win + I key combination to access it. Within the configuration, you have to go to the network and Internet section, of all those that appear on the screen.

We enter this section and look at the column on the left. Of the options that appear on this list, we have to click on WiFi. Various options will appear on the screen; one of them is called “Manage known networks”. It is the section that interests us, so we must enter it.

So, we find a list of all the WiFi networks we have connected to on this Windows 10 computer. What we have to do is look for one that we are not interested in that we can delete. Then click on this network, and you will see a couple of options below. One of them is to stop remembering.

Click on this option, and in this way, Windows 10 stops remembering the password of said WiFi network. We can repeat the process with all those that we will not use more, such as hotels or places that we have used during a trip.