When interacting with the devices that we have installed in our equipment, it is always advisable to try to have only those that we have connected to our team, eliminating all those that are no longer connected to our team, either because they have stopped working or we have disconnected them forever.

Windows registers all the devices that we have connected to our equipment, so that, when we have to use them, we just have to turn them on and that’s it, no need to install drivers and so on again. If you think that the time has come to clean your unused device, I invite you to continue reading.

How to delete a printer from Windows

Printers are one of the elements, especially if we work in an office, the elements whose life cycle is usually short (depending on the quality of it) so you probably find more than one printer when printing a document. To avoid waiting forever for the document to appear on a printer that does not exist, the best we can do is delete it from the devices configured and available on our computer.

  • First we must access the Windows configuration options through the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + i, or through the start menu by clicking on the cogwheel.
  • Then we click on Devices.
  • Then, in the left column, click on Printers and scanners.
  • In the right column, we head up to Printers and scanners, where all the printers and scanners that we have associated with our team will be shown.
  • To eliminate the printer that we do not use, for whatever reason, we just have to click on it and click on Remove device from the options box that appears.