Most equipment that we can currently find in the laptop market includes Bluetooth, a type of connection that we can add to any other equipment through a USB port for a few euros. Thanks to this connection, we can connect a mouse, keyboard or headphones without cables to our equipment.

The advantages of this type of connection, we will not discover in this article, everyone knows them. The objective of this article is to show you how we can eliminate Bluetooth devices associated with the equipment that we want to eliminate, either because they have stopped working or because we have replaced them.

Unlike the accumulation of applications that we do not use on a computer, the number of devices associated with our Bluetooth connection does not affect its performance, the only annoyance is the need to have to navigate between the different devices that we have paired to try to solve the problem that can present us at a given moment.

To avoid this problem, from the first world, below we show you how we can eliminate the devices associated with the Bluetooth connection of a Windows 10 computer. Eliminating these types of connections is also a possible solution to the operating problem that is showing and that returning to match it will be solved quickly.

Delete Bluetooth devices from Windows 10

  • We access Windows 10 settings through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i. We can also access it through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown at the bottom left of this menu.
  • Next, we polish System> Devices.
  • In the right column, all the elements that we have connected at that moment, as well as the devices that we have connected in the past, are shown, either via Bluetooth or through a physical connection.
  • To remove the paired device in question, we just have to select and click on Remove device.