It is possible that on some occasions, is there someone who needs to use your Windows 10 computer. But you don’t want this person to have access to your files in it. In these types of cases, using a guest account can be very comfortable since it will allow this person to use the computer, but not have access to your files at any time.

Below we show you the steps with which create a guest account on your Windows 10 computer. In this way, when someone needs to use the network, but we do not feel like having access to the files, we can do it this way, with an account of this type.

How to Create a Guest User Account In Windows 10

First of all, we are going to have to use the Windows PowerShell (Administrator). We can do it using the Win + X key combination and then clicking on this option so that a console window will open. In it, we will have to enter the command net user guest / active: yes and then give enter.

In these cases, Windows 10 usually issues a message that says The command completed successfully. In this way, we know that we already have the possibility of creating a guest account on the computer. To do this, we then go to the Start menu on the computer.

We open the said start menu and click on our profile picture in it. We will get options to log out, and under them would be the guest option. We just have to click on it, so that a guest account can already be used on the Windows 10 computer at all times.

As you can see, it is presented as a good way to allow someone to use this computer, but without you having access to our personal files. So if you have Windows 10, you can activate this option in this way on your computer.