Many of you may share your Windows 10 computer with other people. The normal thing in this sense is to have multiple users so that each one has access to their own files in a private way. Although in the operating system you have the possibility to configure this in many ways. So you can choose how or what documents to give users access, in addition to applications.

This is a function that may be of interest to many users. Because if you share a Windows 10 computer with other people, it may be of interest to know how to give or limit access. Thus, it has a clear configuration, which is comfortable for everyone.

How to configure other users access to files and folders in Windows 10

For this, the first thing we have to do is to open Windows 10 settings. Within the configuration, we find various sections, although the one that interests us, in this case, is Privacy. When we are inside, we look at the left column and click on Documents.

In this section, we are given the possibility of customizing access to that document library. The first thing to do is activate this possibility, using the switch that we have on the screen. So, when we have this activated, other users are already allowed to have such access, in addition to applications. Then we can configure everything to our liking.

Since we can choose which Windows 10 applications do we want to have such access. If there is one that we do not want, just uncheck it. The good thing is that we can do this individually with each of them. So the process is simple, as well as being totally personalized.

When we’re done, we can go out now, these changes have been registered in Windows 10. It is an easy function to configure and it can be very useful in case the computer is shared with other people. In a couple of minutes, it is ready.