Many of us are users who have put aside the cables of our mice and keyboards to make way for wireless devices that connect via Bluetooth to our equipment. However, while the Apple Mac operating system, we can easily and quickly know the battery level of our peripherals in Windows 10 is not easy.

The lack of an option that allows us to know exactly the battery level of our peripherals or forces us to use third-party applications. One of the best results it offers is called Bluetooth Battery Monitor, an application that we can test completely free of charge.

Bluetooth peripherals battery level

The application has no mystery, and its operation is very simple. During the installation process, all Bluetooth devices will disconnect to be able to install the new drivers with which the application will be able to offer us the information corresponding to the battery level.

Once installed, we just have to reconnect the devices by clicking on the button to link them—nothing else. Once we have linked the files again, we just have to click on the application icon (a battery with the Bluetooth symbol) located in the drop-down box next to the time.

Just open the application. The battery level of the device will be displayed. Although the operation of the application is indeed fantastic, it is only recommended for users who use Bluetooth devices very often and do not want to run out of battery at any time.

If you choose to purchase the application license during the 7 days of testing that it offers us, the final price is $ 4.99. If we let the 7-day trial run, the final price will be $ 7.99. Let’s hope that in future updates of Windows 10, it includes a similar function that does not force us to resort to third-party applications.