Microsoft offers us different versions of Windows 10, versions that have a series of different features from each other and that, logically, have different market prices. The Pro version is the version that offers more functions and possibilities, but the price of the license is practically the Home version.

If we have a Home version, and we want to go to the Pro version, we will not have any type of discount. Obviously, if we consider the change, it is out of necessity and not on a whim, so the expense we have to make is worth it. Fortunately, there is no need to reinstall Windows 10 in the Pro version once we purchase this version.

If we buy a Pro version, to be able to activate the functions that it offers us, it is not necessary to reinstall Windows 10, we just have to change the product key, so that Windows recognizes which version of Windows we have bought and proceeds to download the files necessary to activate the new functions. The same case applies to versions for Students and Educational Center.

Go from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

  • We access the configuration of Windows 10 through the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + i or we access it through the start menu and clicking on the gear wheel shown at the bottom left of this menu.
  • Then click on Update and security> Activation.
  • Within this section, we must click on Change the product key.
  • At that time, we must enter the new product key that we have purchased so that the Windows version changes to the Pro version and all the options of this version of Windows are activated.

Once the necessary content has been downloaded to activate the functions offered by the Pro version, we will have to restart our equipment until all the news are installed.