More and more people are using their Windows 10 computer to play. In addition, many of them do not know that you have an improvement available that allows us to exploit the team when it comes to playing fully. This is the so-called Game Mode, which we have available in the operating system. Thanks to it we will have a better performance when playing. In this way, resources are focused on this task on the computer.

It is sought that resources are not wasted in functions that are not important. Because using this Game Mode in Windows 10 can be of great interest to many users in the operating system. So if you want to be able to get the most out of your computer when playing, you should make use of it.

As you can see, it can be of great help if we want to use the computer to play. Especially in certain games that consume a lot of resources and require the maximum of the computer. For this, the first thing we are going to have to do is check if this Game Mode It is present on our Windows 10 computer. In addition, there are aspects that we can customize.

Activate Game Mode in Windows 10

As usual in these situations, first, open the Windows 10 settings. We can access using the key combination Win + I. Once it has opened on the screen, we have to enter the games section. When we are inside, we look at the left part of the screen, in the column that appears there.

We find a series of options in that column. One of them is Game Mode, so we click on it. It serves to be able to determine if our computer is compatible with this function. Since there may be users with Windows 10 who will not be able to make use of it, click and check the text that appears on the screen.

Game Mode does not require activation in Windows 10. The computer itself will detect when we execute a title so that it will be automatically activated on the computer. Although in case it has not been activated alone, we can force its activation. To do this, we have to use the Win + G key combination. In this way, we can force the start of this mode in the operating system.

Game Mode did not come only to the operating system. But it came accompanied by the Game Bar, which you have probably heard of on occasion. It is a bar that gives us direct access to tools designed for gamers. In this way, we will carry out actions such as recording the screen, retransmitting games, or taking captures, among other functions. So they are very useful for many users.

Activate Game Bar in Windows 10

When we force the start of Game Mode, using the Win + G key combination, the operating system will ask us if we want to open this Game Bar. We simply have to check the box that appears with the text “Yes, this is a game”, in order to do it. Although, normally, it should automatically detect when it is a game so that it starts on its own.

When activated, we will see that we have this Game Bar on the screen, with a series of functions. If we want, depending on the game, we can activate this Game Mode or not. Since, as many of you know, there are games that consume more resources. In such cases, we should use it in Windows 10 so that those secondary functions do not consume resources. The computer will thus focus on performing at its best for the game.

If you want to customize aspects of this Game Bar in the operating system, it is simple. We go to the configuration, then we enter the Games section, and there, in the left column, we have a Game Bar section. They allow us to modify some aspects, such as the keyboard shortcuts to use for some functions. So if you want, you can customize it to your liking.