Audio and sound have become an essential part of Windows 10 computers. Because more and more users are playing or consuming multimedia content. Therefore, having the highest quality in terms of sound is ideal. The good thing is that we can always add some improvements through software in a very simple way. Microsoft regularly makes improvements in this regard.

One of the last to come is the called environment sound effects. We can activate them on our Windows 10 computer. We do not have to install anything, in addition, to be able to use them, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. What do we have to do?

How to customize sound effects on Windows 10

The first thing we have to do is do right-click on the speaker icon that we are in the Windows 10 taskbar. When doing this, a drop-down list appears with various options. Of these options that come out, we must choose the sound option. Then, we enter the playback tab.

In this tab comes the audio system that we have installed in Windows 10. Therefore, we have to click on it and then click on the Properties button. There we will see that there is a tab called improvements. In it, we have a series of sections, with which to introduce improvements in the sound.

But we have to go to the bottom of this section. There, next to the configuration, we find a drop-down list. We must click on it to see all the options that are in it. When doing this, we will see that one of the options is that of environmental effects. Here we have several options to choose from.

Since the Windows 10 environment effects allow us to choose between options such as being underwater, a stadium, or a hallway, among many options, you simply must select the one you want to use on the computer, and we are done with the process.