Email is the master key to all your internet web service accounts because all the web services ask you to create an account on their server using your email id for safety. So if your email password is compromised; You will lose every single online account you have. This is the reason; Why Google has introduced Two-Factor Authentication i.e. 2FA.  It is the most important security feature which is hardly used by 10% of total Google users as per Google.

2FA adds an extra layer of security to your Gmail account to protect all the data, you have stored on Google services like Drive, Sheet, Google+ etc. The main concept behind 2FA is if anyone has your email address or password; Still, he or she will not be able to access your Gmail until you allow them.

2FA has two-step login process:

  • First, You need to sign in your Gmail account with the password you know.
  • Secondly, Google wants you to use something you don’t know i.e a code sent to your phone

Codes used in the Second step will be sent to you via text message, voice call or prompt 2-step verification code on the Google mobile app if you are connected to the internet i.e. prompting Two-Step Verification(2SV) on your Android or iOS device when you enable it.  But the most important thing is you can use this code only for once. 2SV Google notifies you the location of sign-in attempt with time and device used.

How does Google Prompt Work

Google has made Google Prompt the default form of Two Step Verification i.e. 2SV.  When someone tries to sign-in your account with your email address and password then Google will prompt a message on your Google account logged in the device that Trying to sign in from another device? and ask for YES or NO on your Android or iOS device.

If it is you tap on YES if not tap on NO. As you tap on NO, Google will ask you to take immediate action if the login attempt was not done by you.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification

You can enable 2-Step Verification to your Google account by making some changes in your account settings.  Just follow the below steps to activate the most secure feature of Google for your Google Account.

1. Click here to go 2-Step Verification, Now click on Get Started. It will ask you to log in your Google account first to set up your phone as your second sign-in step.

2-Step Verification

2. Enter your Google account password, as you enter your Google account password; It will show you the device you are using to your Google account.

Use your phone as your second sign in step 2-Step Verification

3. If your device is not listed there, Click on Don’t see your device? and it will popup a window with the instruction to get your device ready for 2-Step Verification. Once you are done with the steps. Your device will appear in the list.

4. As your device is listed there. You can tap or click on TRY IT NOW.

Trying to Sign in 2 Step Verification5. Once you click on TRY IT NOW, Google will Prompt a message on your device screen i.e Trying to Sign in? with the all the information regarding the Device, Location and Time.

6. Tap on YES on your mobile device to activate 2-Step Verification. Your login is approved message will appear on the device.

Use your phone as your second sign in step Backup mobile number7. For further backup, Google will ask you for mobile number and method to get codes like a Text message or Phone Call. You can select anyone.

8. After entering your mobile number click on Send. It will send a code to your mobile. Enter that code to confirm your mobile number with Google Account.

How to Turn On or Turn Off 2-Step Verification

9. Click on Next after entering the code. Google will redirect you to the final step, there Google will ask for Turn on  2-Step Verification? Click on Turn On.

Turn on Use your phone as your second sign in step activated10. Google will once again ask for Google account password and take you to the page where you can Turn on or Turn off the 2-Step Verification on the device.

If you want to disable the 2-Step Verification on the device, follow the above steps and in the last step Click on Turn off.

Final Words: Google tried to make your Google account impenetrable until or unless your closed one betrays you.

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