How do I start a secret conversation in Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the Second in the list of the top messaging client, WhatsApp is number one of course.

Facebook is trying to make Messenger more user-friendly and secure. Earlier we have seen how to retrieve Facebook messages in Messenger and here we will see the new feature of Messenger. This time Facebook has added “Secret Messages” feature in Messenger to give you more privacy while chatting with friends and family.

This feature allows you send and receive a secret message with timer from 5 seconds to 1 day with automatic self-destruction.

Let’s start secret conversation in Facebook Messenger

Step 1. Open your Facebook Messenger.

Step 2. Tap on the chat with you wants to start a secret conversation.

Step 3. Now tap on the name of the person on the header. It will show you contact details of that person.

Step 4. There you will find “Secret Conversation” option. Tap on it.How to Start & Send Secret Message in Facebook MessengerStep 5. For first it will ask you to activate secret conversations. tap on OK.

How to Start & Send Secret Message in Facebook Messenger

Step 6. Once Secret Conversations is active. You can send and receive Secret Self-Destructing Message in Facebook Messenger.

Step 7. Open the Chat box of the Contact with whom you want to start Secret Conversation.

How to Start & Send Secret Message in Facebook Messenger
Step 8. Start typing the message. At the left of it, you will see a Clock.

Step 9. Tap on Clock. It will let you set a timer for self-destruction of message.

How to Start & Send Secret Message in Facebook Messenger

Step 10. Set timer and tap on Done.

That’s it. When the recipient opens the message countdown will start and the message will disappear after set time.

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