Once again Facebook Account security issue is viral on Facebook as there is a rumor that by typing BFF on Facebook; You can check whether your Facebook account is secure from the hackers or not. If BFF color turns into green then your account is safe and secure and if not then your Facebook account can be hacked; you should change the password. Here we will check it is a hoax or not?

Why is the color of BFF turns into Green

Facebook has a built-in feature Text Delights. This feature adds animation or color style to specific words like Congratulations, xoxo, HappyNewYear, etc. As you type these text in the comment box or status box, It shows some animations as per Text Delights feature.

BFF i.e. Best Friends Forever is one of these words which has some extra style as per Facebook Text Delights feature.

Now the next question is some of the people are getting BFF in green and other is not. The reason behind it is your browser. If you are using a browser like an opera mini which uses Facebook mobile site i.e. https://m.facebook.com  and you try BFF or BFFS in comments then it will never turn into green.

As April Fool Day is coming near. So someone with the tricky mind started this hoax to fool the people at the mass level on Facebook by creating insecurity for their Facebook Account Security.

So if you want to be safe and don’t want to be getting fooled take a note these word like rad, lmao & thank you so much and above mentioned words. These word as you type in the comment box trigger their respective animation effects and colors.

Final words: BFF or BFFS is fake Facebook Security Check

Share it with your friends and family so that they can know that BFF is Fake Security Check.