One of the aspects that can most annoy Windows 10 users, especially those who previously used an old version of the operating system, is the number of notifications received from different applications, in addition to the invasive way they appear.

And it is that, depending on the moment, the fact that a notification appears on the left, and that it also reproduces a sound with it, may not be the most pleasant. For this reason, we are going to show you. How can you directly dismiss a notification as soon as you arrive using only the keyboard for it? From your Windows computer.

How to automatically dismiss a new notification from the keyboard in Windows 10

As we mentioned, if at an inappropriate moment your Windows 10 computer shows you a notification, and you do not keep the do not disturb mode active, or the new concentration mode, you will only have the option to discard it, and in this case, Something more comfortable than doing it with the mouse, and especially faster, is to achieve it through a series of keyboard shortcuts.

To do this, what you should do is, once you have received a new notification on your computer, press Windows + Shift + V on the keyboard. In this way, the notification will come to the foreground of your computer, and you will be able to see this since it will be shaded under a small white box. Then you will only have press the Delete key to remove the notification so that it will no longer occupy space on your computer screen.

After having removed it, it should be noted that it will work in the same way as if you had done it with the mouse. For this very reason, it is possible that the notification appears in the notification center itself or that it does not, Something that will depend solely on the configuration that you have established in your team, as well as the notifications that you have previously received and that you keep in the activity center.