If you have been around the computer stores lately, because you are planning to renew your laptop soon, you will have noticed that most of them, at least the high-end ones, do not integrate a DVD drive, a unit that is in disuse thanks to the Internet and the possibilities offered by USB ports.

And I say because of the Internet, because thanks to the connection speeds offered by most providers, we can download any file in just a few minutes, although it occupies several gigabytes such as an operating system. In addition, the possibilities offered by USB ports when starting the operating system have contributed to the fact that this physical format is no longer necessary.

If you want to share a movie with a friend or family member, the most comfortable thing is to do it via a USB stick, drives that not only have a greater storage capacity but also allow us to recycle content, something that we cannot do with DVDs or CDs unless they are rewritable an endangered DVD format.

Microsoft puts at our disposal a web page through which we can download an app that will manage the download of Windows 10, in the version that we have previously selected. This installer will show us all the steps that we must follow to create a bootable Windows 10 drive, which once created we must enter into the USB port of our computer to start the computer from that port.

If we want to change the first drive that the computer will read at boot time, we must go into the Bios and change the boot settings to select with which boot drive we should start the computer. This unit is where the USB port that we have connected is located. When connected to our computer, it will show us the name Windows Installer, Windows 10 Installer similar to make it easier to detect.