Every time you download a file of software from Chrome. It stores it by default in Download folder of your windows. Due to which all type of file mixed up in Download folder.
Let’s sort it out.
Step 1. Open your Chrome and Click on Three Dots next to address bar. It will open a drop-down menu.
Step 2. Select Settings in drop-down menu.
Or just click on chrome://settings.
It will open the settings page in a new tab where you can manage everything for Chrome.
Step 3. Now click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the Settings page.
Step 4. Now look for Downloads header. There you will find default Download location & an option which make Chrome ask every time where to save each file before downloading.
make chrome to choose folder for downloading
Step 5. If you want to change the download folder click on Change button. It will open Browse For Folder dialog box.
Step 6. Select the folder or Make New Folder, where you want to download your files and click OK. Now the path of that folder will be displayed in Download Location.
Step 7. Now if you want to make Chrome ask every time where to save file before downloading. Click on the checkbox before the “Ask where to save each file before downloading“.
We are done here. Now onward Chrome will ask where to save files before downloading. Using this you can organize your download files.