Typically, most users have the operating system and applications on a single hard drive. So in case something happens on that disk, it is a major problem for Windows 10. So it’s good frequently check that nothing happens on that hard drive. In this sense, the operating system itself provides us with tools to access this information.

So that let us know if there are errors or problems with the hard drive. In addition, in Windows 10, we also have a tool with which we can correct these errors, which undoubtedly makes it very comfortable for users to be able to end these problems.

How to Check for hard drive errors in Windows 10

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is check that there are no problems with the hard disk. As we have mentioned, Windows 10 provides a native way of doing it. A way that is also really easy to use, so that in a matter of a couple of minutes we have information about the state of said disk. So you know if you need to fix something or not.

  • We have to open the file explorer of Windows 10.
  • Next, we enter the section of This Computer, which is where the disk drives that are on the computer are shown. The normal thing is that you have a hard disk. Therefore, it is the one that interests us in this case. If you have several, you can do this process with all of them, although it is likely that the one with the installed operating system is especially interesting.
  • We right-click on the hard drive and select the properties option, which appears in the contextual menu.
  • In the window that opens on the screen, we have several tabs. One of the tabs at the top is the tools tab. Click on it, and we will get some options regarding this option.
  • At the top, we have an option that is to check. We just have to press that button, and it will ask us to confirm. Then this tool will start to look for problems with the hard drive. It is a process that can take a few minutes.

When it is finished, it will show us if there are any faults that have been detected on the hard drive. Typically, there are no failures on that hard drive, so we can continue to use Windows 10 normally. If an error has been detected. So, we have to take steps in this regard.

How to Fix or Troubleshoot hard drive failures

If faults have been detected on Windows 1st hard drive, we can easily look for solutions. We are going to use the system console, using PowerShell. So that we can apply solutions to this failure. The important thing is to run the said console as an administrator. So we can carry out this analysis.

When we are inside the console, we will have to make use of the command:-

chkdsk / f C

which is the one that will help us to look for the faults that are in the hard disk. At the same time, when these faults have been found, we will proceed to be able to solve them.

Then it will tell us that the hard disk is in use at that time. So it asks us if we want to schedule a check. So you have to type an S and hit Enter then. So we already scheduled this full scan using the console.

This means that the next time we go to restart Windows 10, the system is going to be in charge of carrying out this analysis, and it will solve the possible failures that there are in the hard disk.

It is a simple method to use, but it can be of enormous help in this type of case, as you can see. So do not hesitate to use it.